Global Outreach

Roger and Linda Bailey serve with Ethnos 360 formerly known as New Tribes Mission. Roger and Linda were dorm parents in a Mission school in Brazil for over 20 years. They were involved in many other ministries from maintenance to teaching and administration both at the base and the school. Currently Roger works at New Tribes Connection contacting and screening Career missionaries, Associate missionaries and volunteer positions with Ethnos. For more information on Ethnos 360 check out

Mark and Charity B. serve with ABWE International. Their family moved to Asia in January of 2006. Mark is involved in leadership training through teaching at training centers and on an individual level by coming alongside local pastors. Our platform in Asia is a translation company that we established. This "business" supplies us with a legal visa and, through the hiring of national believers, enables the translation and publication of biblical articles, Christian books, commentaries and Biblical reference books into the local language. Most of these are part of an internet-based Bible study platform ( designed to encourage pastors and church leaders towards expository preaching. Charity often hosts friends in our home, disciples women, encourages young mothers, and helps with the music and Sunday School. For information on ABWE go to

Carol Dannenberg serving with SIM in Pucallpa, Peru. Carol works with the Peruvian Churches to minister to young mothers and to disciple women to fall in love with Jesus, grow strong in their faith, and to serve God faithfully. For information on SIM, visit

Tom and Sharon Huckel serve with Hananeel Ministries which is located in Philadelphia PA. Hananeel is one of the oldest Jewish missions in the United States. Tom serves as the director and works in the greater Philadelphia region, which has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world. Sharon has been blessed with a tremendous voice and sings Messianic praise. For information on Hananeel visit

Gary and Mary Beth Kirschman serve with Christian Business Men’s Connection in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gary focuses on evangelism and discipleship in the workplace. CBMC Indiana is about connecting and transforming business men into spiritual leaders in a caring relationship through discipleship, mentoring, Bible Studies and special events. For info go to

Stan and Charlotte Pries now serve with ACI Int’l doing translation work for the Krinkati-Timbira of Brazil. In 1962 Stan went to Brazil and began to study Krinkati-Timbira and devised an alphabet for that unwritten language. Stan’s activities involved translation, teaching the Indians, and helping other missionaries in their language study. He and Charlotte were married in 1973 and have given their lives to the translation work Krinkati-Timbira people. ACI provides a spiritual and financial covering, along with administrative assistance for the ministries of individuals throughout the world who are dedicated to winning souls to Jesus Christ. You can find more information on ACI at

Francois Turcotte serves as Director of SEMBEQ in Montreal whose purpose is to reach Quebec and French Canada by training men that will, in turn, reproduce themselves by bringing people to Christ, and teaching the Word of God in their local church. Francois after serving as a lead pastor for 15 years, joined the SEMBEQ team as an executive director and Dean. In May 2016, he became president. He serves also as a board member of SOLA. He is married to Nathalie and has 2 children.

Kevin and Lynette VanWagner serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe is known for sending missionaries to people groups in remote areas who do not have a Bible in their own language. The VanWagners have served with Wycliffe in Guatemala and Southeast Asia primarily in translation capacities, but also in a partnership role with native believers. Kevin is now serving as Wycliffe USA Director of People Development. now serving with the Career and Team Development, and works at Wycliffe headquarters in Dallas, TX. For information on Wycliffe visit

Dan and Ruth Uttley serve with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Central VA. Dan serves as Director of the Central Virginia chapter of CEF. CEF is a Bible-centered organization whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to disciple them in the Word of God. For information on CEF you may visit

Dan and Deanna Woodard serve with Action International. Dan serves in Alberta, Canada. Dan and Deanna seek to fulfill the Great Commission by assisting Canada’s First Nations leaders and mission leaders in developing healthy disciples, leaders and churches across Canada and beyond. For more information about Action you may visit