Middlesex Baptist Church is an independent church, which means that we are not part of any denomination. However, we do work with like-minded churches in the area to accomplish God's work throughout our community. We strive to help people to understand that God has a wonderful purpose for their life and that it begins with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


“Our mission is to reach and equip people to be fully devoted followers of Christ.”

What does this look like? First, it begins by helping “connect” people with God and then with other followers who will encourage and help them in their spiritual journey. Secondly, we encourage people to develop the “spiritual habits” necessary for growth. God’s desire is for each person to grow and become more like Jesus. Thirdly, we offer opportunities to Christ by serving others. We are most like Jesus when we are selflessly serving others with no thought of anything in return. We desire to help people to reach their family and friends with the “Good News” concerning Jesus Christ. Lastly, we offer safe environments for people to bring their friends to check out this Christianity thing.